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The Diamond Souls: A TG Community
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This is a Transgender community created by aninazerg for her friends. Anyone can join this group, but be aware of the community's purpose: We are here to share our angst, tears, dreams, hopes, pains, and longings. It is not a happy community, and many times members may even repeat themselves. The purpose is simply to let it all out, coherency or even context be darned. This can be trivial (wanting to use the other restroom) or profound (abuse by parents), it matters not.

Here are the rules:

1. No personal attacks, direct or indirect, on anyone in the community will be tolerated. These will be deleted, even if they're on topic and cathartic. You have your own Livejournals, use them for that purpose (if you must be personal at all).

2. No hateful propaganda. This is a fuzzy term, but essentially any attempt at rousing people to back you for a hateful cause directed at an ethnic group or otherwise.

3. Respect other people's rights to their opinion. If you find yourself replying to a comment sheerly for the purpose of debate, stop yourself because this is not the place for it.

4. Stay relatively on topic. Off topic posting, however, is quite lenient -- if you have something to share with the community that you think may relieve tension or cheer people up, by no means should you hold back. In fact, post whatever you'd feel is relevant or just address everyone at once or whatever. The community is primarily a venting system, but I could see the pain getting to be too much if we never have anything else.

Finally, while aninazerg would like to claim that anyone is welcome that term is too absolute. It is a lie, anytime you hear it. However, just the same, do not be afraid of us. While this purpose is in the interest of a select group of people that the maintainer knows, we will happily accept others.

Finally, we accept anyone regardless of race, gender, etc. -- If you have thoughts on the TG phenomenon, or are sympathetic, your posts are equally welcome.

In short, were just another TG group. Go figure, huh? The name is referred to the process that coal goes through when it is pressurized into a diamond -- much like the pressure borne of a transgendered individual living in a society of neutral-gendered people.